...thoroughly impressed with the product.

One of our best success stories comes from Windsor Place Nursing Home dietary in Columbus, MS.  Our sales rep. Lana Whitworth sold them BIO CLEAN because they were using a cleaner/degreaser, rinsing and using bleach trying to get the floor clean.  They accepted to try BIO CLEAN because they did not have to rinse.  They have been thoroughly impressed with the product.  They told Lana that the floor is no longer slippery.  The odors have gone away, that they didn't even realize they had, and the grout is cleaner.  They continue to reorder and use it daily.

Steve Gaskin, Lann Chemical, Aberdeen, MS

What the heck did you give me?

I recently gave one of my customers, Papa’s Pizza, two 4 oz. samples of BIO CLEAN to try out on their tile floors. In the past Ron, store manager, told me that they had to hand scrub the grout between the 12” tiles to get them somewhat clean. I explained how to use the BIO CLEAN and Ron used it that night. The next morning he called me and asked, “What the heck did you give me?” I asked him what was the problem, and he explained that not only was the floor looking better, but the area where he hung the mop was noticeably cleaner. All that in just one cleaning and overnight. Needless to say Ron is spreading the word amongst his fellow managers in the other Papa’s Pizza stores.

Rick Pipkin, Kleen Solutions, Halsey, OR

BIO CLEAN brought dingy looking terrazzo flooring back to new

We had sold 3 cases this summer to one of our school accounts with one Integra system. After the first month on BIO CLEAN the janitor ordered 12 more cases and a system for every janitors closet in the building. The BIO CLEAN brought dingy looking terrazzo flooring back to new.

Duane F., Hillyard, Sioux Falls, SD

You could see right away... Grout that was black is now a light grey...

I have been using BIO CLEAN in my food service kitchen for a few weeks now. Here's how I am doing it: mix 4 ounces BIO CLEAN to one gallon of water in a garden sprayer. Twice weekly, I spray down heavy traffic areas, and areas around serving lines, ovens, and deep fryers. The areas are allowed to air dry - no rinsing.

You could see right away that portions of the black crust covering the grout began to break loose after the first couple of applications. Grout that was black is now a light grey (the actual color of the grout).

I continue to do this twice weekly spraying, concentrating on difficult areas.

Karen, INTEGRA® System customer

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