Simple cleaning solutions for Laundry, Warewashing and Housekeeping

High quality, efficient and cost effective.

COVID-19 Information

Anderson Chemical Company and The INTEGRA Program® are working diligently to support our Customers during this difficult time as we face the challenges of COVID-19!

Cleaning Solutions

Grocery Stores

Exceptional products

The cleaning solutions we provide are a game changer to those used to the mediocre standard. Tested over generations, our products have been corrected to perfection.

Cost effective solutions

With the standard of quality we ensure, you can expect to save big time. Our concentrated cleaners last far longer than your typical cleaning products, leading to less paid overtime.

Not only that, our containers are designed to empty completely, wasting none of your valuable resources.

Systems designed for ease

With our philosophy, simplicity,  daily operation becomes trivial. Our products, designed to decrease hassle, and increase both operation ease and operator satisfaction, are guaranteed to make your business run more efficiently.

A family run operation

For four generations we have kept the same principle in mind, people first. Since the early 1900’s Anderson Chemical co. continually strives to put first its employees and their families, resulting in services and products like nowhere else.

As a client, you become a part of that family.

Over 100 years of experience

To sum up 100 years in four words, we work for you. Everything we do, from our top rated An-Care support services, to our loved and renowned cleaning products, to our simply designed technologies, we do everything with our clients in mind.

World class support

The true test of a quality detergent program is what happens after the product is delivered. When you use INTEGRA we provide you with the best support in the industry.

Product Delivery

Our transportation partners deliver on time and are always reliable.

System Integration

Our equipment department takes care of all system installations for you.

On-Call Support

If ever there is a problem, let us or your distributor know right away. We are always here to help.

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COVID-19 Information


Anderson Chemical Company and The INTEGRA Program® are working diligently to support our Customers during this difficult time as we face the challenges of COVID-19! 

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