INTEGRA® Cleaning Solutions For Schools...

More and more customers are looking for environmentally preferable products. Hospitality, schools, healthcare and other public and private facilities want to show their clients that they are doing their part to protect and preserve the environment.  Government regulators are demanding safer products for employees and the environment.

INTEGRA® Safer Choice Standard products are formulated with effective environmentally preferable chemistry. The result is safer products for you and safer products for the environment.  Our products and systems are people and environmentally safe.


  • Super concentrated products keep your schools clean & safe.
  • Effective training programs.
  • Improved productivity.
  • Database management services.
  • Prompt professional emergency service.

Recommended Systems:

High Performance Green
Patent No. US 7,658,213

An unbeatable combination in terms of convenience, cost usage & performance.
Dose™ By Surflex® Housekeeping

Add water to appropriate fill line.  Dispense chemical concentrate into quart bottle.
Bio Clean Floor Cleaner
Patent No. US 7,658,213

An enzyme floor cleaner & degreaser.  Environmentally
preferable product.


Additional Systems Available