INTEGRA® Cleaning Solutions For Healthcare...

Cleanliness has become a worldwide issue as healthcare facilities all over the world understand the importance of maintaining a clean environment.
INTEGRA® offers technology and support services that are as competitive with any on the market today. It protects the investment made by both our growing distributor network and their customers in their laundry, housekeeping and kitchen cleaning programs.  As an INTEGRA® customer you will receive:

TRAINING ... we will oversee and implement all training programs, develop training manuals and wall charts as needed.  We also offer technical support as independent auditors to make sure you meet regulatory requirements.

Recommended Systems:

TIP® Laundry  INT05T5
Patent No. US 7,658,213
is our innovative neutral pH
laundry chemistry.
Stain Removal System
A complete set of ready-to-use


Additional Systems Available