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INTEGRA® has applied 100 years of experience into creating the most comprehensive chemical and equipment programs in our industry today.  From our innovative earth friendly solutions, together with reliable delivery systems and standardized cleaning processes, you can rely on INTEGRA® for total solutions at competitive prices.  This makes us a unique resource for all your sanitation and facility supply needs.  We deliver far more than products, we deliver value.

By successfully integrating products with service, we’ve created programs that are safe, simple and effective.  While all facilities are different and have their own maintenance requirements, INTEGRA® has a system that is right for you.  From our INTEGRA® system’s for kitchen and laundry products, to our DOSE by SURFLEX® housekeeping products.

INTEGRA® is the only name you need to know for quality and price performance.  We are your cleaning resource.

Recommended Systems:

Additional Systems Available

Integra Laundry 4 Product
The Integra Laundry 4 Product System uses super concentrated products designed to make this system extremely cost-usage competitive.

Products flexible for 3, 4, or 5 pump systems
Used in all soil levels and water conditions
Closed system for customer safety
Easy push button programming
Highly accurate and reliable
SR Stain Removal 3 Product
A complete set of spotters that compliments the INTEGRA® Laundry Program. This versatile system will treat a variety of stains. SR SYSTEM products are packaged ready-to-use. No mixing required.

Products are color and number coded.
A wall chart is provided for proper training and use of each product.
A cost effective way to treat stained linen.
Dose By Surflex® Housekeeping
Dose Systems are customized to meet your housekeeping requirements.
Add water to appropriate fill line. Dispense chemical concentrate into quart bottle.
Sani Quik

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