INTEGRA® Cleaning Solutions For Grocery Stores...

Whether you represent a family-owned facility or a large chain, The INTEGRA® Grocery Store Sanitation Program was created to help protect your investment.

The 70th Annual Progressive Grocery Survey determined that the #1 concern of your customers is cleanliness.  You’ll be happy to know we’ve got you covered from the atrium to the dock.  Department by department, product system by product system, you’ll find a cleaning and sanitizing program based on safety and results, yet one that’s budget sensitive.

The proprietary chemistry and dispensing system will provide you with consistent quality and performance.  The INTEGRA® Program offers the versatility needed to fit any condition in your facility.  The INTEGRA® Grocery Store Program approaches grocery store sanitation the same successful way we do all other INTEGRA® programs; namely identifying the task and utilizing the right product, procedure and equipment.  The INTEGRA® Grocery Store Program is a combination of professional assessment, training and scheduling combined with procedures and products to insure your success. Our goal is to develop a programmed approach to grocery store sanitation.

Recommended Systems:

Additional Systems Available

Natural 2 Product
All brass plumbing hardware
4 gpm fill rate
Optional faucet/connector kit
Color coded labeling
Both bucket/bottle fill option
Dose By Surflex® Housekeeping
Dose Systems are customized to meet your housekeeping requirements.

Add water to appropriate fill line. Dispense chemical concentrate into quart bottle.