INTEGRA® Cleaning Solutions for Athletic Uniforms

Athletic uniforms pose special challenges for laundry technicians. School colors have seldom been chosen with laundry compatibility in mind and remind us that proper laundry programs can go a long way in preventing disaster.

It doesn’t matter where you are or what operating conditions you must endure; you fight a daily battle with difficult soils, and almost impossible stains.  Yes, many factors in your laundry operation are beyond your control, and you’ve got to live with them, but not all of them…

Equipment managers are not always aware of the options that they have available and often available with a minimum of cost and effort.  An example:

A professional laundry technician can re-program your washers to execute a sophisticated stain removal cycle. This cycle runs overnight, giving you a reclaimed load of formerly stained items the next morning - ready to go into the dryer.

This procedure costs you very little, and since it’s done overnight, it doesn’t get in your way, or tie up your washers.  So, it’s a simple inexpensive programming technique, that’s available to you right now.  The best news is that this example is just one of many things you can do today, with little or no cost, to make your laundering challenges more simple and easy. 

The best practices for team uniform success start before the team gets onto the field. Review the garment requirements, alter chemistries as needed, and anticipate a need for special stain removal programs. Successful preplanning is a requisite for a winning program.

INTEGRA® Certified Technicians are trained to work with you and for you and to help you solve your daily challenges.  The INTEGRA® Laundry System is designed to compliment the skills of the INTEGRA® certified technician and to help you knock soils and stains.


Recommended Systems:

Stain Removal System
Patent No. US 7,658,213

Will treat a variety of stains
and are packaged ready-to-use.
No mixing required.
CVL 3 Product INT05C3
CVL 4 Product INT05C4
CVL 5 Product INT10G5
Patent No. US 7,658,213

Super concentrated products designed to
make the CVL Systems cost usage competitive.
Can be used in all soil levels
and water conditions.