INTEGRA® Cleaning Solutions For C-Stores

INTEGRA® products have been perfected over the years to make your toughest cleaning problems easier. The proprietary chemistry and dispensing system will provide you with consistent quality and performance. The INTEGRA® C-Store Program offers the versatility needed to fit any condition in your facility.  Rely on an industry leader for the products, training and service necessary to create a cost effective program that is tailored to your needs.The INTEGRA® C-Store Program approaches C-Store sanitation the same successful way we do all other INTEGRA® programs; namely identifying the task and utilizing the right product, procedure and equipment.

  Recommended Systems:


Dose By Surflex® Housekeeping

Add water to appropriate fill line.  Dispense chemical concentrate into quart bottle.

Natural 1 Product INT10G8
Natural 2 Product INT10G9
Patent No. US 7,658,213

Multi-purpose cleaner & degreaser based on hydrogen peroxide & citrus/orange fragrance.
The 2 product system utilizes a quat-based sanitizer.

Additional Systems Available