INTEGRA®'s Cleaning Solutions For Restaurants

There is nothing more important than your safety. We are continually working to make certain our systems are as “user-friendly” as possible.

In-Service training sessions help insure that your people, veterans and new, are kept up-to-date with the latest techniques of good Restaurant Care.  Equipment checks, inventory control, trouble-shooting, installation are all part of our “Total-Service” package.

Safe, “bio-friendly” and cost effective are three concepts we strive to build into each product and system we supply you.  We make available state-of-the-art electronic dispensing equipment to help insure the safe, accurate handling of our products.

Recommended Systems:

Additional Systems Available

HPG Hi-Temp 2 Product System
High Performance Green
HPG Auto Dish, Detergent
HPG Rinse, Rinse Agent
HPG Triple Sink 2 Product System
High Performance Green
HPG Pot & Pan, Detergent
Barrier II, EPA Registered Sanitizer
Sizzle One Product System
Formulated with a readily biodegradable, high-performance solvent and surfactant system. It will not leave a caustic film. SIZZLE is based on a neutral pH formulation; it cleans comparably to high alkaline formulas, but is much safer to use. No rinsing is necessary under normal conditions.
Sani Quik

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