Laundry, Foodservice, Housekeeping & Daily Cleaners

Where cleaning, sanitizing & disinfecting is needed, The INTEGRA Program® is ready with a simple, safe and effective solution.

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Anderson Chemical Company and The INTEGRA Program® are working diligently to support our Customers during this difficult time as we face the challenges of COVID-19!

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Exceptional Products

We know that every consumer has some unique needs and cleaning and sanitation is is not a one size fits all preposition. The INTEGRA Program focuses on the “Right Products” to fit the needs of each user. Across each segment, Laundry, Foodservice, Housekeeping and Daily Cleaners, the INTEGRA Program offers cutting-edge product development by our world class R&D resources featuring PhDs & Industry experts. We formulate products to meet the needs of the industry while providing value to those that sell and use them. We offer four Product Families to provide the flexibility to address your unique needs.

Complete System Design - Laundry, Foodservice, Housekeeping and Daily Cleaners

The INTEGRA Program has a complete system solution for every application. Our programs are designed and planned to work together to provide everything you need to do the job right the first time. There is no need for employees to mix chemicals or add an additional cleaner to complete the task!

The INTEGRA Program provides a Complete Solution that allows businesses to operate efficiently, eliminates employee safety issues associated with mixing chemicals and reduces overall costs related with cleaning. The INTEGRA Program… SIMPLE, SAFE and EFFECTIVE!

A Family Operation

For over four generations we have continually strived to put people and their families first. We strive to provide best in class programs, products and systems that provide outstanding results. We have confidence in both the results and quality and are happy to have our family members use them.

As one of our distributors, end using consumer or someone that uses products our programs have cleaned and sanitized, you become part of our family and we believe you will notice the INTEGRA difference!

Over 100 years Of Industrial Cleaning

& Sanitation Experience

Anderson Chemical is a fourth-generation family owned business incorporated in 1911 and based in Litchfield Minnesota. We sum up our over 100 years in four words… We Work for You. We operate internationally with one simple, guiding philosophy…"Treat others - all others - the way you want to be treated.”

World Class Service & Support

Cleaning and sanitation program performance often are judged by the service and support. The INTEGRA program has a two tier support system that is designed to provide exceptional service. The INTEGRA Program is available through a network of quality distributors that have been selected because they take great pride in providing exceptional customer service in the geography they cover. Anderson Chemical’s INTEGRA Team provides support to our distributors as well as they customers they serve.

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