What Is Integra® Technology?

INTEGRA® technology is our proprietary chemical staging and delivery technology.  It is a system by system approach for handling virtually all laundry, kitchen and housekeeping cleaning challenges. These systems are fashioned around a simple, but very effective concept—wall-mounted holders containing super-concentrated liquid chemistry in inverted one gallon capsules.

Each capsule contains a SurSeal™ valve that is opened only by a “key” fitted into each INTEGRA® holder or Activator™. This closed system allows the liquid to flow safely into an 8-ounce reservoir from which it is pumped to the cleaning device (e.g., laundry machine, dishwasher), the sink or through a proportioner into a quart spray bottle or bucket.  Once the inverted gallon capsule is empty, the operator still has an 8 ounce reserve to keep operations going until a replacement capsule is mounted.

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