The INTEGRA Program®

The INTEGRA Program® is one of three marketing arms of Anderson Chemical Company — a fourth-generation, family-owned firm founded in 1911. For more about the company, go to

INTEGRA® markets its laundry, housekeeping and kitchen chemical cleaning systems exclusively through a national network of approved INTEGRA® distributors to the Institutional & Industrial (I&I) markets.  These independent, family-owned distributors — like Anderson — take great pride in providing exceptional customer service in the marketing geography they cover.

The name INTEGRA® refers to both the program and its proprietary technologies. It is meant to stand for “integrity” — the kind of high standards that a fourth generation, family-owned enterprise started in 1911 should and does bring to the market every day.

The INTEGRA Program® has a team of dedicated, experienced veterans that are listed under our An-Care® Services.  The seven divisions of An-Care® Services are Equipment, Technical, Customer, Field, Marketing, Production and Transportation.  You will find a team of people who are great to work with and are extremely knowledgeable.

The Multi-Unit Program is made up of local and regional distributors who are experts in the area of cleaning and sanitation.  They deliver far more than products, they deliver value.  The Multi-Unit Program extends across the country to deliver regular and emergency service to multi-unit customers.  For more information go to

INTEGRA® University is dedicated to providing comprehensive training programs for sales and service personnel.  These training programs help us, collectively with our Network Members, to continue raising the standard and value we deliver to customers. 


For more information on the above, contact us at 800-366-2477.

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