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More Germy Places?

We owe this one to Jim Alsleben's wife Barb. This was taken from an article in December's issue of Woman's Day magazine.


1. E. Coli was found on 80% of the shopping carts sampled in a recent survey.

2. A cutting board, there’s more harmful bacteria on this kitchen staple than on your toilet seat.

3. First floor elevator button, everyone touches this throughout the day, drastically increasing the amount of germs.

4. ATM enter key, once again, more fingers equal more germs.

5. Your desktop, staying in your office all day means a higher amount of bacteria due to any food you eat, coughs and sneezes.

6. Playground, almost every kid that comes back from playing on the jungle gym and monkey bars has major bacteria (even fecal).

Something to think about - John

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